Music for Voices

For voice and piano

Mio amato, mio signore (2010)
for mezzo-soprano and piano (or orchestra or mixed sextet), with text by Karen Saillant. Aria from the opera Griselda e il marchese di Saluzzo. 5 minutes.
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Night Washes Over The Mind (2006)
for soprano and piano, text by Mario Luzi, translated from Italian by Dana Gioia. 2 minutes.
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To Become an Islander (2000)
for soprano and piano, with text by Susan Gubernat. 2 minutes.
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For chorus and vocal ensembles

Elegy for the Earth (2022)
for mixed choir (SATB), text by Susan Gubernat. 25 minutes.

I echo you, we are repeated (2002)
editions for mixed quintet (T-T-B-B-Bass), sextet (SSATTB) or men’s chamber chorus. 5 minutes.
text by Adam B. Silverman
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The Smell of Matches (2023)
for eight-voice men’s choir (TTBB with divisi). 16 minutes. poems by John Stone.

What Did God Say (2005)
chorus from A.W.O.L. (Le Colonel des Zouaves) with text by Olivier Cadiot, translated and adapted by Marion Schoevaert.
for men’s chorus (TTBB) | contact the composer to purchase sheet music.

Simple songs

Higglety Pigglety Pop! (2007)
a round, with lyric by Maurice Sendak.
published in Frog Peak Rounds | download sheet music for free

Shiny Teeth (2008)
a song to sing while brushing a child’s teeth | download sheet music for free

What’s in (Sophie’s) Diaper? (2005)
a song to sing while changing a child’s diaper | download sheet music for free