2001 Concerts

January 29
stars, cars, bars
Paul Fadoul (New York, NY)

February 10
Smelting Solid Gold (World Premiere)
Yesaroun’ Duo (Parksville, NY

February 17
Smelting Solid Gold
Yesaroun’ Duo (Brookline, MA)

February 29
Smelting Solid Gold
Yesaroun’ Duo (New York, NY)

March 23
Kicking and Screaming (World Premiere)
Dogs of Desire Orchestra (NY State Museum, Albany, NY)

May 11
The Complete Works of Shakespeare
3-Orm (AM747 Radio, The Hague, The Netherlands)

May 24
Her Quick Blood Runs Dancing (World Premiere)
Tottenville High School Orchestra and Chorus (Staten Island, NY)

May 31
The Complete Works of Shakespeare
3-Orm (Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague, The Netherlands)

July-August (13 performances)
Incidental Music for Coriolanus
Shakespeare & Co. (Lenox, MA)

October 12
Troubles Enough (World Premiere)
Synchronicity (Old First Church, San Francisco, CA)

October 13
Troubles Enough
Synchronicity (Occidental Community Church, Occidental, CA)

October 24
Minimum Security Trailer (World Premiere)
eighth blackbird (Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH)

October 30
Minimum Security Trailer
eighth blackbird (Library of Congress, Washington, DC)

November 3
Minimum Security Trailer
eighth blackbird (SUNY Potsdam, Potsdam, NY)

November 5
Rondo of Sorts (World Premiere)
Kylix New Music Ensemble (Indiana University)

November 7
Rondo of Sorts
Kylix New Music Ensemble (Roulette, New York, NY)

November 8
Rondo of Sorts
Kylix New Music Ensemble (Boston Conservatory)

November 11
Troubles Enough
Synchronicity (Merkin Hall, New York, NY)

November 16
Rondo of Sorts
Kylix New Music Ensemble (Cincinnati, OH)